Dam Boi He Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Almond Taupe

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Inspired by the reaction you'll have when you encounter the thickest of thick Coma Inducer® comforters!! A comforter so thick that you can't utter any other words except, "Dam Boi He Thick". At Coma Inducer®, we've been known for having oversized plush comforters. We've broken the barriers on softness levels, size levels (160" x 160"!), and now thickness levels!! Dam Boi He Thick is not just a thick comforter, it's a bedding experience unlike anything you've ever seen, felt, or imagined. Touting a 1400 GSM fill rate doesn't just break our record, it shatters it!! To give you some perspective, the typical Coma Inducer® has a 280 GSM fill rate and most, if not all, other Coma Inducers are under 400 GSM. So when we add an extra 1000 GSM in fill weight, you know this is a THICK @SS BOI. What makes this Coma Inducer® even more impressive is that we didn't use just any filling. We used Grade A polyester, with a blown in technique to create a down alternative feel. Each square is like an over-filled squishy plush stuffed animal. We then coupled this THICK high quality filling with an outer ultra cozy plush that has a hand feel like petting the fluffiest cloud or a cuddly dog that had one too many meals. And that takes us full circle to the real naming inspiration which originated 3 years ago from a dog video that became an internet meme. Emily Flowers, a Coma Inducer® super fan, won the naming challenge for this Thickest of Thick Coma Inducers with her name suggestion; Dam Boi He Thick. There were a lot of "normal" sounding names suggested, but when put to a vote, customers agreed that for a Coma Inducer® this special, it needed a name that was equally as attention grabbing... Dam Boi He Thick!!!!

Who doesn't love the thought of big Twin XL bedding? XL Twin bedding so big, it makes you feel like you are fully engulfed in cozy bedding comfort. If this is the high level of Twin extra large bedding comfort you've been looking for, you've come to the right place! At Byourbed®, our goal is to provide the best in Twin XL bedding comfort so that you feel as if you and your Twin or extra long Twin bed are one. One of the best ways to achieve this type of bedding nirvana is with an insanely cozy oversized Twin comforter. With a variety of extra large Twin comforters to choose from, what sets the Dam Boi He Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Almond Taupe apart is the fact that it really is a thick boi!

This overly thick Twin XL comforter is designed in a way that really does make it look like a big, fluffy cloud when you add it to your extra large Twin bedding set. Thickly filled with a high quality down alternative material, the individual squares across this extra long and extra wide Twin XL comforter make it look lofty and full, the perfect look for luxury bedding. Adding an overly thick inner filling to a true oversized Twin comforter also means more comfort. With a feel that is soft and squishy, this machine washable XL Twin comforter is great to snuggle up with when you want to get cozy on your Twin or Twin extra long size bed.

Did You Know?

It's a RECORD (unofficially).... Congratulations, you've found the THICKEST comforter in the world!

This is it, the result of our goal of creating a thick and heavy comforter like no other. Dam Boi He Thick is the next level of Coma Inducer® Comforters in a series we call THICK.

The oversized plush nature of Coma Inducer® is made even better with a mind-boggling 1400GSM fill rate, creating a size and weight that almost defies logic! You will probably even be surprised by the sheer size and weight of the box on your front porch, but it will be a pleasant surprise. Then, once Dam Boi He Thick makes it to your bed, we challenge you to not dive on it and shout out Dam Boi!... he THICK!!!! The temptation will be uncontrollable!

Take Care of Your Coma

If you think we are exaggerating about the size, thickness, and overall weight, let us be clear... you have a 0% chance of fitting the King (weighs 31 lbs), Alaskan King (weighs 43 lbs), or Oversized Alaskan King (weighs 76 lbs) in your home size washer or dryer! That's a 0% chance. Maybe Queen (weighs 28 lbs) will fit... but we question it. That's how intense Dam Boi He Thick truly is!! But fear not, we've tested Dam Boi He Thick in oversized units at the laundromat and they wash/dry with ease. You will get a few stares as you wrestle Dam Boi He Thick into the oversized units but trust us, it's worth it and you'll probably be asked what the heck is that??!!

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