Ice Panda - Coma Inducer® Oversized Cooling Comforter - Sugar Swizzle

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Inspired by you, our customers. The Coma Inducer® brand has been synonymous with oversized plush warmth, a dream come true in the winter months. But what about Summer, you ask? If it wasn't cozy warm then it wasn't a Coma Inducer®.... or so we thought! The amount of requests to create more Coma Inducers for summer months and for warm sleepers was impossible to ignore. Literally impossible! Thank you to all of our customers that wouldn't allow us to simply be a winter comforter company. We felt your sadness that each spring you had to put away your Coma Inducer® and use some other skimpy brand as your summer bedding. Your wishes that Coma Inducer® created a thinner, warm season option has taken some time and it wasn't easy. How to make a comforter worthy of the name Coma Inducer® without the overly plush warmth?! Enter... Ice Panda! "Ice" for the cool to touch Bamboo material that reverses to the silky soft cationic microfiber and "Panda" to connect the cozy cuteness of pandas with their love for bamboo. Your solution to summer bedding is finally here with our Ice Panda Coma Inducer®.

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Ice Panda - Coma Inducer Oversized Cooling Comforter - Sugar Swizzle
Ice Panda - Coma Inducer Oversized Cooling Comforter - Sugar Swizzle

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