Jack Russell Vizsla Terrier - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter

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Inspired by the mutt in all of us. We can all identify with the beauty and uniqueness that comes with a MIX. And there is no greater way to appreciate a 'mix' than with our love for dogs. Cuddly, cute, lovable dogs are man's best friend, and who wouldn't love to cuddle up with their best friend at the end of a long day? Our love of dogs and uniqueness inspired our Jack Russell Vizsla Terrier Coma Inducer®. Depending on how you look at this Coma Inducer®, you'll see a little bit of Jack Russell, a little bit of Vizsla and some type of other terrier... maybe a freshly groomed Wheaten? The point is that this mix of a Coma Inducer® is beyond cuddly soft and cozy. Made of a 415 GSM of dog-like plush comfort, you'll be sure to drift into Coma Worthy Sleep® that can only be compared to that deep sleep that your dog gets that makes you so jealous. This Coma Inducer's reverse side is made with the same material, which ensures you are wrapped in pure goodness. Did we go overboard... sure, that's what we do at Coma Inducer®. Everything oversized, over-plush and over-authentic, right down to the cuddly feel that was chosen to match these dog breeds.

Do you love when your dog curls up in bed with you? Sure, sharing a bed with your furry friend may sound nice, but there are some drawbacks. Some dogs snore, or your dog may wake you up in the middle of the night to play, interrupting your precious sleep! Not to mention, if your dog has any fleas or if he just hasn’t had a good bath in a while, you definitely don’t want to invite any bugs, dirt, or germs into your bed. But with the Jack Russell Vizsla Terrier - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter, you can enjoy the extra comfort and coziness that comes with snuggling up with a pet, but without any of the downsides!

You may be wondering how this extra large Twin bedding set accomplishes that feeling of having your dog curled up at your feet. Made with high quality bedding materials inside and out, this oversized Twin XL comforter set embodies a sense of loving relaxation that will help you get better sleep all night long! Silky soft plush on both sides feels like giving your puppy a good belly rub, and a thicker than average inner fill just makes this Twin XL bedding set extra cuddly. Plus, this machine washable Twin XL bedspread is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about any fleas or ticks like you would with a real dog. Not to mention, in a trendy light gray color and with an included matching pillow sham, this extra large Twin comforter set will also add a touch of style to your bedroom decor.
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Jack Russell Vizsla Terrier - Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter
Jack Russell Vizsla Terrier - Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter

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