Me Comforter ATE Your Comforter® - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Evergreen

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Inspired by 99% of comforters being pathetic. All those pathetic comforters made us think, "what if we had a Coma Inducer® that was so thick that it looked like it ate one (or many) of those pathetic comforters!?" At the very least, you'd get an idea that the thickness of this comforter is no joke! Our line of THICKEST Coma Inducer® comforters is something that's hard to imagine until you bring one home and compare it to what you formerly called a comforter. Me Comforter ATE Your Comforter® is over 1000 GSM of blown in down alternative filling that creates pillow-like sections of oversized goodness. Imagine a comforter that feels like 50 of the best down alternative squishy pillows stitched together. Now imagine that squishy thickness with an outer material consisting of our Original Coma Inducer® plush! The combination is heavenly to lay on top of and, when you lay under it on colder nights, you'll have the warmth and coziness that allows you to slip into Coma Worthy Sleep®.

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