Melange Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Silver Rabbit

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Inspired by sophistication and pretentious nobility... Eh, wrong brand. Yes, we know Melange sounds all hoity toity, but trust us, there was no snobby inspiration, unless you are discussing how Coma Inducer® is the world's greatest comforter? In that case, we'll do our best Sideshow Bob impersonation by saying "Guilty As Charged". Our Melange Chunky Bunny Coma Inducer® simply takes that already beloved Chunky Bunny® material, that feeling of soft, overly plump bunnies that make you want to hold and caress them against your skin, and tweaks the visual appearance of the material using the technique known as melange. What is melange? According to Google:

The word 'Mélange' has French origins and translates to "mix” which accurately describes the visual appearance of mélange fabric. Mélange yarn is produced by weaving a mixture of raw and dyed fibers together to create a unique two-tone color effect and an abstract textured pattern.

We digress... the point is that at Coma Inducer® we love pushing the boundaries of our oversized comforters. For our Melange Chunky Bunny Coma Inducer® we utilized a 750 GSM cozy plush top material (Chunky Bunny®) and we did it in the ever so pleasing to the eye Melange look. Then, for the reverse material, we used our supersoft flannel Me Sooo Comfy® material to create an overall best-in-class plush comforter. Some brands look at optimizing cost cuts, so perhaps we do have a bit of an ego as somehow we continue to add more and more cost (better experience/value) to every Coma Inducer® we make!

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Melange Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter - Silver Rabbit
Melange Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter - Silver Rabbit

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