Messy Hair Day - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Chocolate Taupe

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Inspired by days when it doesn't matter how your hair looks. These Messy Hair Days signify the freedom to sleep in and not have a care in the world. Those irresponsible days where your to-do list can be ignored and you can indulge in nothing but relaxation. Our Messy Hair Day Coma Inducer® is indulgence at its finest! Almost recklessly overdone, our Messy Hair Day is made of intensely thick 520 GSM warming furry plush plus our sleek and cozy soft Bare Bottom® reverse material for the perfect combination of coziness. In fact, our goal for this ultra plush comforter is that it actually causes a Messy Hair Day, even on those days where you fully intend to conquer the world. The good news is that even though your hair may look a wreck, at least you'll be refreshed by Coma Worthy Sleep®. If you decide to add this Coma Inducer® to your bed, consider yourself warned... Messy Hair Days will be difficult to avoid!

It’s no secret that at Coma Inducer®, we value being comfortable over looking good. Some people say that you have to suffer for fashion, but we’d rather be cozy in our PJs than try to squeeze into a pair of too-tight skinny jeans. For this reason, there’s no shame in coming into work with a seriously untamed bed-head from a night full of Coma Worthy Sleep®. Our Messy Hair Day - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Chocolate Taupe takes its inspiration from those mornings when your hair is completely out of control, but you just don’t care! This extra large Twin, Queen, or King oversized bedding essential encourages you to let loose and embrace a cozy lifestyle that prioritizes your ultimate bedding comfort over everything else.

Featuring a thick fluffy faux fur across the front, the inspiration for this oversized Twin, Queen, or King comforter is obvious. The untamed plush fur reverses to our buttery soft Bare Bottom® fabric, making this Twin, Queen, or King extra large bedding essential a true must-have for any Coma lover. Plus, this oversized Twin, Queen, or King faux fur comforter is designed with our signature extra large bedding dimensions, so every inch of your mattress will be engulfed in irresistible Coma Inducing coziness. Don’t be afraid to sleep in and let your hair go wild for one day with this Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL luxury comforter. If you get any weird looks for your messy hairdo, just brush them off–if those judgy people had a Coma Inducer® too, they would understand that a few more minutes of Coma Worthy Sleep® is more important than making your hair look good!

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