Milky Moo Cow - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter

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Inspired by the dream of running through an open field and tackling a squishy soft cow. Picture that cow mooing as you snuggle up on its country bumpkin hide. The only difference is our Coma Inducer® is actually far softer than a cow's hide. Cows only wish they had the sleek plush soft feel of our Milky Moo Cow Coma Inducer®. Sorry Cows! Take our word for it, this Coma Inducer® was created to help you fall asleep fast. You can stop counting sheep jumping over a fence and turn your attention to the underappreciated, but always awesome, cow!

At Coma Inducer®, our team of bedding experts are committed to not only providing you with the softest and coziest Twin XL, Queen, and King comforters ever, but also to adding a touch of extra style to your bedroom decor! Your bed is often the centerpiece of your bedroom interior design, so the look of your new Twin XL, Queen, or King bedding will set the tone for the rest of your bedroom accessories. And if you want to give your bedroom setup a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, we highly recommend the Milky Moo Cow - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter! In a classic dairy cow pattern, this white and black bedding set is sure to make a statement in any style of bedroom decor.

Of course, while our collection of Coma Inducer® luxury bedding carries an air of designer style, that doesn’t mean we skimped on the cozy factor! To be a part of our Coma Inducer® exclusive brand, each Twin XL, Queen, and King extra large comforter has to meet our standards for high quality, irresistible softness, and unbelievable thickness. And thankfully, this cow print bedspread embodies everything that makes Coma Inducer® bedding special! With irresistibly soft plush on both sides combined with a thicker-than-average inner filling, this extra large bedding set in Twin XL, Queen, or King is sure to exceed your expectations. And featuring our signature oversized comforter dimensions, every inch of even the thickest pillow top mattress will be fully covered in a combination of stylish and soothingly soft Twin XL, Queen, and King oversized bedding!
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Milky Moo Cow - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter
Milky Moo Cow - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter
Milky Moo Cow - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter

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