Opposites Attract - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Plush Brown Bear + Cooling Beige Cream

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Inspired by a serious problem that needed a solution! Do you find that things are going well with your marriage until it's time to go to bed and get some enjoyable sleep?! Maybe you can agree on most things, but when it comes to the temperature of your bedroom when you sleep you couldn't be more opposite? The temperature of the thermostat is one thing, but the warmth (or cooling effect) of your comforter is a whole different issue! Don't worry, the solution is here... Opposites Attract! Embracing your differences doesn't mean one person has to be too cold or too hot while sleeping. What makes our Opposites Attract Coma Inducer® so special is that it is half plush and half cooling. Unlike other Coma Inducers where the material difference is between the front and the back, this Coma Inducer® splits the material change right down the middle! One entire side is 500 GSM of ultra thick, warm and cozy Chunky Bunny® faux rabbit fur and the other side is 160 GSM of cool to the touch Cool Cool Summer®, which is a heat preventing nylon microfiber blend. It couldn't get more opposite! With Opposites Attract, you can once again share one comforter and have a completely different sleep experience from your partner. No one has to feel frozen or wake up in a pool of sweat. The marriage between different types of comfort has never been better! Maybe, just maybe, the marriage of the opposing comfy materials that make up our Opposites Attract Coma Inducer® will also save a marriage or two... because let's face it, nothing makes you more grumpy than losing sleep due to sleeping under the wrong temperatures!

Our mission at Byourbed is to push the boundaries of cozy Queen and King oversized bedding. Pushing the boundaries means always trying new fabrics, new sizes, and new ways to help you get the best sleep possible through your high quality Queen and King bedding sets. And for a totally one-of-a-kind Queen or King oversized bedspread that explores new frontiers of soothing comfort, look no further than our Opposites Attract - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Plush Brown Bear + Cooling Beige Cream! This split comforter in oversized Queen, oversized King, or OVER oversized King, is crafted with a unique combination of two different bedding materials, designed for couples who always fight over the cover. Now you can both get great sleep and wake up more refreshed with this must-have Queen or King XL comforter set.

So what exactly makes this Queen or King oversized bedding set so unusual? Well, how many extra large comforter sets have you seen that are split down the middle? But making this comforter half-cozy plush and half-cooling softness, we created one Queen or King extra large bedding set that is ideal for hot sleeps and cold sleepers alike! With thick faux fur on one side and breathable nylon on the other, you can customize your Queen or King bedding experience to suit your needs. This designer comforter set even includes one faux fur pillow sham and one nylon pillow sham, to completely cover your Queen, King, or California King bed in irresistible softness! It might seem strange at first, but after your first night of deeply relaxing sleep where you and your spouse are both cozy and no longer fighting over the cover, you’ll never go back to basic bedding again.

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Opposites Attract - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter - Plush Brown Bear + Cooling Beige Cream
Opposites Attract - Coma Inducer Oversized Comforter - Plush Brown Bear + Cooling Beige Cream

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