Our Story

Byourbed {"B" Your Bed}

Bedding that Feels Good. Guaranteed.

Founded in 2016 in Buffalo, NY, Byourbed is a USA based company that understands cold weather and the need for cozy bedding. Inspired by snowy winters and negative degree wind chills, "B" Your Bed has created a unique bedding company that's entire focus is on giving you, our customer 'MORE'. More Size. More Softness. More Filling. More Comfort. More Affordable. We strive not to reduce product specifications, but to make them the very best they can be!

Currently based in Nashville, TN, Byourbed has expanded to keep pace with demand. Our multiple warehouses include over 140,000 sq ft of bedding based on MORE. Offering sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, toppers, and, of course our industry leading Oversized Comforters. Some of our top brands include Natural Loft®, Bare Bottom®, HGoose®, Chommie®, Snorze®, and Cozy Potato™. And, not to be forgotten, a brand so beloved it even has its own store, Coma Inducer®. Coma Inducer® Plush Comforters have taken on a life of their own with a customer following that enjoys the insanely cozy “Coma Worthy Sleep®” lifestyle. Byourbed is committed to a continued focus and goal to create MORE new and constantly improved bedding brands.

Your comfort is our joy.

- The Backstory

Founder Jeff Gawronski started his first online retail company in 2004. What started with a plastic shelf for college dorm bunk beds quickly became an obsession to create the very best college dorm supplies and bedding. Only 24 years old at the time of launch, Jeff Gawronski understood college dorm life and recognized the market need for Twin XL bedding that didn’t feel like a bad sleep away camp. What started with creating top of the line college dorm bedding wouldn’t expand into bedding of all sizes (Byourbed) until over a decade later.

The Crooked Line

By 2008, Jeff had reached moderate success within the online retail sector of college bedding and supplies. However, that all abruptly ended in March 2009, when Jeff was ousted from the company he started just five years prior. You would think these types of business nightmares only occur in the movies but, for Jeff Gawronski, this was real life. Why Jeff was kicked out of the company he started (literally with no pay, no email, no company, no nothing) is an important part of the Byourbed story, for there is little chance Byourbed would exist today without this Crooked Line. At the time, Jeff had a fellow business partner and there was a fundamental difference on how to build the company’s future. Jeff’s unwavering focus was to invest profits into making more quality products, while the opposing partner (and entire team) sought to take early business success and put all significant expenditures into marketing.

There was an impasse. It wasn’t that a compromise wasn’t possible, it was the fact that the opposing views of utilizing profits into making a better product vs. putting profits into marketing had their fundamental differences. The young company had to decide if they were all about product usefulness and brand quality or if they were about high attention and glossy marketing. The team had made its decision, marketing won out and a plan was hatched to kick Jeff out of his own company. Reduced to a broke 30 year old, no-income-producing entrepreneur with a newborn son, a child on the way and a broken ankle that needed surgery, Jeff was jobless, cashless, and felt as if he had failed. The depths of despair were real as Jeff and his family had no other option except to return to Buffalo, NY and move in with his in-laws.

It all didn’t make sense, yet it also didn’t have to be this way. What happened to Jeff wasn’t exactly legal and Jeff had a decision to make. Fight to be back in his company (legally possible) and return to the stalemate of tension and disagreements OR accept being ousted and discover through faith that God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line.

2004 Company launches with only one product - The Bed Post Shelf

2009 Restart from the in-laws sofa, with broken ankle and newborn son

2019 Byourbed in full swing, working on HGoose® Hungarian Down Production

- Jeff Gawronski recounts the rest of the story

I suppose if faith was easy it wouldn’t be called faith. I recall in between depression naps and reading the Bible (as my first born child rested on my chest) that I prayed for guidance. Guidance from God to lead my future and to be shown where and what I was supposed to do with my life. Maybe I was supposed to find a new career, a new job. Or maybe, just maybe, I was meant to start it all again from nothing. I was personally lost. Clueless as I was, I knew deep down it would have to be my belief in Jesus, my belief in a God above that would carry me through. Simply put, on my own I was not strong enough.

What is the most crippling of all is human doubt. After any difficult time in life you are faced with the question. What’s the point? When you doubt there is a reason. When you doubt your personal tragedy could possibly have any redeeming hope, then you’ve already decided your future fate. No matter how big or small your crooked line is, the only possible path to forward movement is finding your faith to believe … God makes it straight.

Easier said than done...

As I embarked on starting over and accepting that God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line, I still had to battle self doubt. What if this new path is wrong? What if I don’t know what I’m doing? What if I make a mistake and literally go broke? Why am I even considering starting over? Who am I compared to all those big companies out there? There is so much work to do… it just seems impossible! I’m too tired to start at the bottom of the mountain again. I just want to rest. I’m not cut out for this!

From this point in my entrepreneurial journey it was clear if I were to succeed it would only be possible through not just relentless hard work, but also an unwavering faith that “I am not alone”. You see, the climb up from the bottom is not “I”, but rather it’s “we”. There is a God that loves you and there is an intentional purpose and reason for your existence. Restart your life with ‘we’ and doors you never knew possible will open.

After 6 months following “the ousting” (Fall of 2009), I started plans for DormCo.com (a surprisingly available 6 letter URL!). Starting out of my grandfather’s spare bedroom, my plan was to pick up where I left off, except this time instead of having a business partner, I had to go it alone. As daunting as each task felt, I also knew there was no one around to block every investment going into making a great product. To create college dorm size bedding that was literally made with the intention of making the best bedding possible!!

No longer did product budgets get split to marketing. No longer did bedding specifications have to get reduced in order to leave company dollars for over the top advertising campaigns. I had the ability to invest both my energy and any and all available funds (little as they may be) to create products that mattered. Bedding that gave student’s better sleep and products that were good enough on their own to need little to no marketing. I relied on word of mouth when social media was yet to be a buzzword. When you make a good product and the price is fair, people don’t just tell one another, they brag about it!

Crooked line becomes Straight…

In 2010, within its first sales year, DormCo eclipsed my previous company's top sales year! Soon parents began to ask if we offered Queen and King size bedding after seeing and feeling the quality of their son/daughter’s dorm bedding. It would seem launching Byourbed was imminent, except it’s never that easy.

It all circles back to “What’s the purpose”. It was never a thought to start a bedding brand just for the sake of starting a bedding brand. To start another business there had to be a market need. Something lacking in the market. For five years, I didn’t see a market need... until I did. While producing dorm bedding, I constantly became aware of the industry norms of reducing product specifications (A practice that DormCo never took part in). It was troublesome to watch bedding manufacturers sell comforters that were either reduced in size, filling, or material quality to the unsuspecting consumer. Customers deserved better. It dawned on me that DormCo was already providing “MORE”, I just hadn’t realized that it was an actual mission. In a series of serendipitous events, the path to launching Byourbed eventually became open.

Finally, in 2016, Byourbed launched around the entire concept of Giving More. A simple idea that the market had previously ignored. It seemed no bedding brands were seeking to answer the question, “How do I give the customer MORE”? You see the vast majority of bedding brands aren’t really bedding brands, they are marketing companies whose product of choice happens to be bedding. Byourbed would be built differently.

Byourbed is not a marketing company. Instead, Byourbed is a bedding company that focuses it’s entire purpose on making bedding that’s designed with MORE. The most obvious improvement started with More Size, which is probably why Byourbed is best known for its oversized comforters. However, the More doesn’t stop at just size. MORE is the Mantra. More size, More softness, More filling, More comfort, More affordable,... More quality…. More, More, More, More… It would sound annoying if all of that More was without the intention of giving MORE to you, our customer. >>> Learn about our Mission of Mores.

By successfully reaching our daily mission of Giving More, Byourbed aims to gain your trust as a true source for "Bedding that Feels Good. Guaranteed." What’s most important to us is that, by giving more, you can experience your own personal, ultimate level of comfort. A level that doesn’t just provide great sleep, but a level that provides peace and a serenity that allows you to find your daily place to feel restored and ….. “B” Your Bed.

By sharing in our Byourbed story, you are sharing in a story that exists in all of us. A story that no matter your season of sadness. No matter your feelings of self doubt. No matter your time of despair and loneliness, you are not alone. That God is ready to take your hand and all that’s required is for you to have faith, a true belief that God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line.

Check out our Crooked Line Project as “B” your Bed’s mission of Giving More is an eternal effort of hope, faith, and inspiration.