Byourbed {"B" Your Bed}

Bedding that Feels Good. Guaranteed.

Founded in 2016 in Buffalo, NY, Byourbed is a USA based company that understands cold weather and the need for cozy bedding. Inspired by snowy winters and negative degree wind chills, "B" Your Bed has created a unique bedding company that's entire focus is on giving you, our customer 'MORE'. More Size. More Softness. More Filling. More Comfort. More Affordable. We strive not to reduce product specifications, but to make them the very best they can be!

Currently based in Nashville, TN, Byourbed has expanded to keep pace with demand. Our multiple warehouses include over 140,000 sq ft of bedding based on MORE. Offering sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, toppers, and, of course our industry leading Oversized Comforters. Some of our top brands include Natural Loft®, Bare Bottom®, HGoose®, Chommie®, Snorze®, and Cozy Potato™. And, not to be forgotten, a brand so beloved it even has its own store, Coma Inducer®. Coma Inducer® Plush Comforters have taken on a life of their own with a customer following that enjoys the insanely cozy “Coma Worthy Sleep®” lifestyle. Byourbed is committed to a continued focus and goal to create MORE new and constantly improved bedding brands.

Your comfort is our joy.