Shankapotomus - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Tornado Gray

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Inspired by a mythical creature that hates the cold weather. A Shankapotomus will do anything to stay warm. You know when you get blasted with a cold winter's air and you get a little grumpy? If you do, then you might be a little Shankapotomus! And if when it's really cold you become a comforter thief, blanket hoarder and downright, "I only care about keeping myself warm" type of person, then you should get a Shankapotomus tattoo. The good news is that our Shankapotomus Coma Inducer® can squelch that inner warmth hogging beast inside of you. This Coma Inducer®, like all Coma Inducers®, is oversized, warm, cozy, plush and a serious nullifier to all things cold!

Nobody likes a blanket hog. But the good news is, if you have your own a Twin or Twin XL bed, you can keep all the cover to yourself with no shame! With our Shankapotomus - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Tornado Gray, sharing is not required. Simply wrap yourself up in the cozy oversized Twin bedding dimensions of this extra large comforter blanket, and experience head-to-toe comfort only possible with high quality Twin XL bedding. It’s true–with extra length and extra width, plus an included matching pillow sham, every inch of you will be fully covered in irresistible softness.

Just how did we make this extra large Twin bedding essential so monstrously plush? As a part of our Coma Inducer® luxury bedding brand, nothing can prepare you for the seriously soft fabric, the thick inner fill, or the Coma Worthy Sleep® that you will experience as a result of this oversized Twin dark gray comforter set. Curly soft plush covers both sides of this extra large Twin bedspread, for a cozy handfeel that is sure to satisfy. And with a whopping 270 GSM inner fill, you may literally struggle to get out of bed once you’re comfy under the warm embrace of this gray Twin oversized comforter set. If you were not a blanket hog before, this extra large Twin comforter will give you a new appreciation for plush Twin oversized bedding!
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Dark Gray Coma Inducer Blanket Luxury Bedding Brand Twin Extra Large Bedding Essentials
Extra Large Twin Comforter Set with Matching Standard Size Pillow Sham
Easy to Clean Luxury Plush Comforter with True Oversized Twin Bedding Dimensions

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