Softer than Soft - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Black

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Inspired by seeking the softest and coziest materials that makes it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning. And what could possibly achieve this goal better than an ultra plush material that is Softer Than Soft? We go on actual journeys to discover the softest and coziest plush known to mankind. Plush that is so soft, we had to use it for this next collection of Coma Inducers. Our Softer Than Soft Coma Inducer® collection consists of varying fabrics that have one important thing in common; they are irresistibly soft to the touch. Softness levels that break the barrier on what you previously considered soft!! Some of our Softer Than Soft comforters are even created with Double Sided Plush. This doesn't mean that there is just plush on both sides of the comforter, that is something all Coma Inducers already have in common, rather, it's the backing of the plush that you can't feel. You see, most backing (the portion facing the inner filling) is not plush because it's never going to be seen or touched. Making that backing plush would add costs, but sometimes when creating something that is softer than soft you need to break the rules. That layer of unseen, untouched underside material helps to create a Volumized Plush experience that is beyond normal levels. Dare we call our double plush Softer Than Soft Coma Inducers a voluptuous oversized sleep experience that is designed to delight and exceed your craving for cozy?

The goal for our Coma Inducer® designer bedding brand is to push the boundaries of cozy Queen and King comforters, as we constantly innovate new fabrics and bedding materials in a mission to continually improve our luxury bedding products. After creating our incredibly soft Chunky Bunny®, Me Sooo Comfy®, and Are You Kidding® bedding collections, we thought it would be impossible for our high quality Queen and King comforter sets to get any softer… until now! Introducing the Softer than Soft - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Black, the newest title holder of the highly esteemed “Softest Coma Inducer® Ever” title!

How did we create a plush Queen or King extra large comforter set that’s even softer than all of our previous comforters combined? That’s one trade secret we’ll never tell! But what we can tell you is that the feel of this 390 GSM luxury fabric is sure to impress you with its addictively plush handfeel. And don’t worry, we didn’t skimp on the thicker-than-average inner filling either! It should go without saying, but here at Coma Inducer®, we don’t believe in cutting corners. And that philosophy applies to the size of our unbelievably cozy Queen XL or King XL comforters, too. Constructed with extended length and width, the extra large bedding dimensions of this Queen or King oversized bedspread set will dramatically drape over the edges of even the thickest pillow top mattress. With two included matching pillow shams, even your pillows will be graced with the touch of this intensely cuddly luxury bedding, the latest invention from our Coma Inducer® exclusive bedding brand!

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Softer than Soft - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Black
Softer than Soft - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Black

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