Whiteout Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Frosted Chocolate

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Inspired by white-knuckle whiteout conditions that only a true blizzard can create. When snow is blowing sideways and temperatures are so low that your bones cry for help, you know a normal comforter just won't do. What you need is our Whiteout Chunky Bunny Coma Inducer®, which was created to fulfill that all-encompassing need for warmth. Although Coma Inducer® was founded in Buffalo, NY, we don't love the cold. In fact, our aversion to those mind numbing blizzards in Buffalo was our driving force to create Coma Inducer® comforters in the first place. Our Whiteout Chunky Bunny Coma Inducer® is the best solution for those impossible-to-leave-your-house snowfalls. Locked in doors with no place to go (or rather, no place that you could go if you tried) our Whiteout Chunky Bunny® provides the ultra warmth and cozy comfort that will make you look forward to real snow days. Made of thick Chunky Bunny® rabbit-like plush and our silky soft to the touch frosted plush, this oversized comforter combines bedding materials that are designed to please. If that's not enough, the entire feeling of this plush bedding is enhanced even more by our USA filled interior. The down alternative cloud-like plush filling (especially the heavyweight option) adds extra certainty that you've discovered the antidote to snow, frigid temps, winter nights and, of course, the worst of the worst whiteout weather conditions. Bring it on... you can feel safe and carefree when snuggling with our Whiteout Chunky Bunny Coma Inducer®.

Finding the King oversized comforter set can be a challenge. But what’s even more challenging is finding an extra large King bedding set that also supports American manufacturers. However, at Byourbed, we are proud to carry a collection of USA finished Coma Inducer® King XL comforters, so you can enjoy oversized King bedding with unbeatable American quality. Filled with USA made down alternative plush, Our Whiteout Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Frosted Chocolate will satisfy your cravings for American constructed cozy King extra large bedding. And thanks to true oversized King comforter dimensions and two included matching pillow shams, this plush King XL comforter set will cover you in Coma Inducing® coziness from head to toe.

Of course, with such thick faux fur and a fluffy inner filling, you might be concerned that this oversized King luxury comforter set may be too warm and cozy. Thankfully, this furry King extra large bedspread comes in two distinct fill weights, so you can decide just how chunky you want this bunny! Choose our lightweight King oversized comforter option if you want a snuggly all season King XL bedding set, or opt for our heavyweight King extra large comforter set for the extra warmth that will tempt you to hibernate all winter long. And featuring our signature Chunky Bunny® faux fur, this extra large King comforter set is sure to exceed your expectations for high quality King oversized bedding. No matter which weight you choose, prepare to experience Coma Worthy Sleep® with this extra large King faux fur comforter set!
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USA Finished High Quality Filled Coma Inducer Plush Bedding Blanket with Extra Long and Extra Wide King Bedding Dimensions
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