Bare Bottom® Comforter - Queen Bedding White

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Introducing Bare Bottom® Bedding; Bedding Designed for Sleeping Naked. Bare Bottom® Comforters and Sheet Sets are designed with a new, ultra cozy plush material that feels best when sleeping nude. Sleeping without clothes feels natural and comfortable with Bare Bottom® Bedding. Sleep Naked & Enjoy It!

Bare Bottom® Comforters are simply the GREATEST COMFORTERS IN THE WORLD. Yes, we just screamed it in ALL CAPS! There is no doubt that once you try Bare Bottom® Comforters you'll agree they are the most comfortable, coziest comforters you'll ever buy.

Rich soft comfort is at the top of our list for cozy plush bedding. Luckily, our Bare Bottom® Comforter – Queen Bedding White is the softest comforter in the world for a warm and restful sleep on your queen size mattress. The high quality microfiber material of this size queen comforter is infused with a soft spandex for a look and feel that mirrors the coziest yoga pants. The silky smooth touch of our oversized cozy queen comforter provides out of this world comfort that’s hard to resist.

This insanely plush queen bedding is oh so soft with a durability that will last you a long time. The strong construction of this comforter is designed to fit any lifestyle, while guaranteeing the best night’s sleep every single time. Plus, our Bare Bottom® white comforter for your queen bed boasts a clean white color to brighten up your room décor and create a minimalistic look. Or you could create a vibrant color palette for a stylish bedroom. However you arrange your room, our cozy soft bedding in queen is the perfect addition that’ll make you fall asleep in no time.

Bare Bottom® Comforter - Queen Bedding White

  • Size: Queen Bedding Comforter - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: Plush microfiber infused with spandex - Designed for Sleeping Naked
  • Construction: A comforter so soft, constructed of yoga shirt material
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 273.4 GSM
  • Important Information: Includes Queen Comforter (Shams Optional)
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