Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - White

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Introducing Bare Bottom® Bedding; Bedding Designed for Sleeping Naked. Bare Bottom® Comforters and Sheet Sets are designed with a new, ultra cozy plush material that feels best when sleeping nude. Sleeping without clothes feels natural and comfortable with Bare Bottom® Bedding. Sleep Naked & Enjoy It!

Bare Bottom® Sheets are simply the GREATEST SHEETS IN THE WORLD. Yes, we just screamed it in ALL CAPS! There is no doubt that once you try Bare Bottom® Sheets you'll agree they are the most comfortable, best sheets you'll ever buy.

Did we mention you'll love sleeping naked when you add these Queen sheets to your Queen size bed? We just want to be sure you understand just how amazingly comfortable our Bare Bottom® bedding brand can make your Queen bed! Made with a silky soft microfiber material that has been infused with spandex, you'll get the same comfort you normally feel when you're wearing your favorite cozy and smooth yoga shirt. And with an oversized Queen flat sheet, a fitted Queen sheet, and (2) matching pillowcases, you'll feel that amazing comfort all around you when you're laying on your Queen bed.

This Queen sheet set will also help enhance the appearance of your Queen sized bed and your entire bedroom! White Queen sheets will match any color Queen size bedding as well as bedroom decor, helping you easily match your bedroom items. At Byourbed, we understand that white Queen bedding can be a little scary since no one wants their Queen bed to look dirty or dingy. Luckily, this unique Queen bedding sheet set is machine washable, so you can easily clean it and give your Queen bed back the brilliant chic look that comes with white Queen size bedding. Our Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - White are made to give you the most stylish and comfortable Queen bed!

Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - White

  • Size: Queen Bedding
  • Material: Plush microfiber infused with spandex - Designed for Sleeping Naked
  • Construction: Sheets so soft with a plush yoga shirt material feel
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 174.1 GSM - 93.5% Microfiber, 6.5% Elastane
  • Important Information: Includes Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases
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