Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - Crystal Pink

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Introducing Bare Bottom® Bedding; Bedding Designed for Sleeping Naked. Bare Bottom® Comforters and Sheet Sets are designed with a new, ultra cozy plush material that feels best when sleeping nude. Sleeping without clothes feels natural and comfortable with Bare Bottom® Bedding. Sleep Naked & Enjoy It!

Bare Bottom® Sheets are simply the GREATEST SHEETS IN THE WORLD. Yes, we just screamed it in ALL CAPS! There is no doubt that once you try Bare Bottom® Sheets you'll agree they are the most comfortable, best sheets you'll ever buy.

Finding the best pink sheet set for your Queen size mattress can be a challenge. If you are looking for just the right shade of pink—a soft pink, a pastel pink, or a muted pink—it can seem like all the other pink Queen size sheets are more of a hot pink, or a sickly Pepto Bismol pink. However, inspired by the natural color of beautiful rose quartz, the Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - Crystal Pink are the perfect pink tone to match your feminine bedroom interior design. This chic sheet set in Queen size adds a touch of color to your Queen bedding essentials and will not distract from the rest of your modern bedroom decor.

And in this gorgeous pink shade, these must-have Queen sheets were created with nude sleepers in mind and will beautifully complement any skin tone! There’s no reason to be embarrassed with these blush-pink Queen sheets on your Queen size mattress dimensions. As soon as you stretch these designer Queen sheets across your bed, you will understand what we mean when we say that these are the best sheets for sleeping au naturale. If you are already a fan of microfiber sheets, just wait until you try these microfiber-spandex sheets! This signature spandex-microfiber bedding blend has launched an entire brand of Bare Bottom® bedding that may soon take over as your new favorite line of luxury bedding essentials.

Bare Bottom® Sheets - All Season - Queen Bedding - Crystal Pink

  • Size: Queen Bedding
  • Material: Plush microfiber infused with spandex - Designed for Sleeping Naked
  • Construction: Sheets so soft with a plush yoga shirt material feel
  • Important Information: Includes Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases
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Softest Queen Sheet Set Made with Soft and Stretchy Spandex Infused Microfiber Bedding Materials
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