Basic Zone Egg Crate Twin XL Topper - B Foam

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When you are creating an incredibly comfortable place to relax, rest, and get a restorative sleep, you need to think about more than just your Twin XL Sheets and Twin XL Comforter. You also want to make the base of your Twin XL Bed incredibly comfortable. While you may think your mattress may be comfortable, it can put stress on pressure points and cause you to toss and turn throughout the night. Tossing and turning throughout the night doesn't just result in a tough day the next day due to a restless sleep. It also can make you incredibly sore and result in a groggy day with low energy. The worst part about this is that the same scenario can occur night after night. Avoid this and make your Twin XL Mattress more comfortable with our Basic Zone Egg Crate Twin XL Topper.

Our Basic Zone Egg Crate Twin XL Topper has five zoned sections with three different patterns. These zoned sections allow for equal weight dispersion for comfort and support. Plus, as this Twin XL Bedding item is made of foam, you get the cradled support that is a benefit of a foam topper. Located in the feet and head area are ripples for gentle support while the wave pattern provides support for your legs and shoulders. The ultimate supportive section of comfort can be found in the coiled areas which support your back and torso. These zoned sections of foam will allow you to have a more comfortable and quality night's sleep with reduced tossing and turning.

Basic Zone Egg Crate Twin XL Topper

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Topper
  • Material: Foam
  • Construction: Made in the USA - 5 zones for weight dispersion
  • Important Information: Zoned Memory Foam Twin XL Bedding Topper reduces stress on pressure points for ultimate comfort
B Foam - An extra cushioned layer that provides support beneath you

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