Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft Alloy

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A stylish Twin XL oversize comforter is great for your extra long Twin bedding, but sometimes it might clash with your bedroom decor. Don't worry if you're experiencing this problem, there is an easy solution! Adding gray Twin extra long bedding can help you better match the look of your Twin XL bed with the rest of your bedroom. Gray Twin XL bedding like these alloy gray extra long Twin sheets will give your Twin XL sized bed the perfect look.

But of course, Twin XL sheets aren't just about looks, they also have a job to do. This essential Twin XL bedding sheet set comes with a pillowcase, a fitted Twin extra long sheet, and an oversized Twin XL flat sheet, all made with the same luxuriously comfortable microfiber. This Twin XL sheet set will add a soft and thick layer of comfort between you and your Twin extra long mattress, but that isn't the only useful thing our Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft Alloy does! The fitted Twin XL sheet features two useful pockets on either side to help you organize your bedroom essentials! Such a handy, comfortable, and stylish piece of extra long Twin bedding is sure to make an impact in your bedroom.

Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft Alloy

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding
  • Material: 100% Microfiber
  • Construction: Microfiber creates luxuriously thick, soft Twin XL Bedding with a softer than cotton feel
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 88.6 GSM
  • Important Information: Two pockets on either side of the Fitted Sheet allow for easy storage of essentials
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