Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft White

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White Twin XL sheets are a classic choice for oversized Twin bedding, and it’s easy to see why! With a sleek appearance and a timeless appearance that’s easy to match with any style of bedroom decor, white extra large Twin sheets are a must-have Twin bedding essential. However, many people feel intimidated by the idea of caring for their White Twin XL sheets. Thankfully, the Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft White is easy to keep clean with simple machine washable care instructions! Plus, the soft 100% microfiber makeup of these sheets will hold up after multiple cycles so you can enjoy the soft feel and relaxing appearance of these comfy Twin extra large sheets.
However, beyond the best high quality bedding materials that make up this cozy oversized Twin sheet set, this must-have Twin XL bedding has a special feature that really sets it apart from the rest. Two hidden pockets are placed on each side of this microfiber Twin sheet set. Perfect to hold your phone, tablet, a book, your glasses, and any other night time essentials, you can keep all of your favorite personal belongings right in arms reach when you’re lounging in your oversized Twin bed! With soft comfort, easy care instructions, and one of a kind features, this practical extra large Twin sheet set may become your new favorite bedding piece on your Twin or Twin XL bed.
Bedside Pocket Twin XL Sheet Set - Supersoft White

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding
  • Material: 100% Microfiber
  • Construction: Microfiber creates luxuriously thick, soft Twin XL Bedding with a softer than cotton feel
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 88.6 GSM
  • Important Information: Two pockets on either side of the Fitted Sheet allow for easy storage of essentials
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