Coma Inducer® Queen Sheets - Frosted - Granite Gray

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Inspired by the warmth you crave when thinking of snow capped mountains and cold winter nights. Our "Frosted" Coma Inducer® takes what would be a standard color and softly mutes the color with a sheen of white. The frosted appearance gives way to the ultra soft and plush feel that exists with all of Byourbed's Coma Inducer® family of bedding products.

Feel the incredible warmth of the most comfortable sheet set with our popular Coma Inducer® Queen Sheets in Frosted Granite Gray. This queen size bedding set comes with luxuriously soft sheets that cover your queen bed dimensions in the ultimate comfort, so you can engulf yourself in a level of comfort with these gray queen sheets that will surprise you. Snuggle up against the luxury plush material of our popular bedding sheets in queen size for an unbelievable warmth and coziness. You’ll find yourself transported to a warm tropical island with the cozy soft flat sheet and size queen fitted sheet, even during the harshest cold winter months.

Lay your head against the 2 incredibly comfy pillowcases that are included in your favorite queen size bed sheet set in gray. You’ll immediately fall into a deep sleep due to the thick plush construction that makes this insanely comfy queen bedding the best sheet set for your queen size bed. Not to mention the frosted gray sheen adds a decorative quality to your queen size bedding set, turning your bedroom into a relaxing and stylish haven. Our Coma Inducer® queen sheet set in gray provides a minimally modern look to your cozy soft bedding, for an addictive comfort and luxurious feel all night long.

Coma Inducer® Queen Sheets - Frosted - Granite Gray

  • Size: Queen Bedding Sheets
  • Material: Luxury Plush with soft frosted sheen
  • Construction: Each piece in the Queen Sheet Set is durably made with thick plush material for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Queen Sheets that are addictive in comfort
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