Intoxicated - Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Velvety Gray

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Inspired by the unsteady and blurred vision of a drunken stupor. Hey, not all Coma Worthy Sleep® is made from fairy tales and serene rainbows. Sometimes that coma-like sleep is achieved from having one too many. Our Intoxicated Coma Inducer® is inspired by all those times you should have stopped, but instead dove in for that extra third, fourth, or fifteenth shot instead. Those times where you woke up on the floor in front of the fireplace and left the gas on all night. Yep those times. We don't advocate those times, but sometimes when they occur you get a deep level of sleep you didn't know existed. Allow our Intoxicated Coma Inducer® to give you that same deep sleep feeling without the alcohol. Over the top plush, insanely cozy textured velvet, and a reversing teddy bear style warmth that makes going to sleep early an irresistible thought. What a concept... drunken level sleep without the drunk (or the hangover). And, just in case you aren't sure if you are 'intoxicated', this Coma Inducer's pattern is intentionally a little wavy ... or blurry for anyone going to bed after having a little too much fun.

With our Intoxicated - Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Velvety Gray, you can get that same deep sleep you get after a fun night out, but instead you'll wake up feeling great the next morning! The ultra cozy bedding materials that make up this extra large Twin, Queen, or King plush comforter cover give you the perfect bedding essential for getting a great night's sleep. A top of soft velvet reverses to cozy Teddy Fleece material, creating the most comfortable Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL duvet cover to encase your oversized bedspread. And with these same comfy bedding materials on the included pillow sham(s) in this Twin, Queen, or King extra large duvet cover set, you can fully surround yourself with luxury comfort that will lull you into deep sleep inducing bliss.

The word 'intoxicated' isn't always a negative thing, it can also mean that you are enthralled by something. For example, fun and thrilling XL Twin, XL Queen, or XL King bedding set styles usually make us feel intoxicated and we think you'll feel the same when you see this machine washable Twin, Queen, or King oversized duvet cover on your bed. Stylish wavy lines travel across the extra large Twin, Queen, or King duvet cover and the matching pillow shams, creating an eye-catching design that will instantly upgrade your bedroom decor. But, to make sure this unique gray Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL duvet cover set doesn't clash with the rest of your bedroom, it is designed with a neutral color to blend in with your bedroom decor pieces and accent your bedroom furniture.

Intoxicated - Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Velvety Gray

  • Size: Choose Your Duvet Cover Size
  • Material: Textured Velvet, with Teddy Fleece on the reverse
  • Construction: A super plush duvet cover designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: Includes an Ultra Soft Duvet Cover and matching Sham(s)
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Intoxicated - Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Velvety Gray
Intoxicated - Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Velvety Gray

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