Coma Inducer® - Full XL Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Ocean Depths Teal

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Inspired by what we all crave... Comfort! To be comfortable is to be at peace. To be able to say "Me Sooo Comfy®" is to be able to truly lose yourself in our coziest coral fleece bedding. There is no substitution for comfort! Me Sooo Comfy® makes you want to cuddle up and stay home. When your friends are heading out on a Friday night and ask you to come, just text them back and say "Can't Make it..... Me Sooo Comfy." They'll understand!

At Byourbed, we know that finding Full XL sheets that perfectly fit your extra large Full bed can be a challenge, even more so if you want them to look and feel just right. That is why we wanted to shake up the look and feel of your Full XL bedding with unique options like our Me Sooo Comfy® Full XL Sheet Set - Ocean Depths Teal. This essential Full extra large sheet set features a true to size Full XL fitted sheet, oversized Full XL flat sheet, and (2) standard size pillowcases to perfectly cover your Full XL sized bed. The best part is that these essential Full XL bedding sheets are anything but ordinary when it comes to style and comfort.

Made with cozy plush coral fleece material, these amazingly comfortable Full XL sheets will upgrade the coziness of your soft Full XL bedding. You'll instantly get why these plush Full XL sheets are branded with the name "Me Sooo Comfy". And even though having comfortable Full XL bedding is key to having the best extra large Full bed, we didn't want to stop there. Being a major part of your Full XL bedding, we know that your Full extra large sheets need to have a unique look of their own to impact your bedroom decor. These one of a kind teal sheets display a charming color that will not only beautifully accent your bedroom decor, but also give your Full XL bed a unique look all its own.

Coma Inducer® - Full XL Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Ocean Depths Teal

  • Size: Full XL Bedding Sheets
  • Material: Luxury Plush - Coral Fleece
  • Construction: Each piece in the Full XL Sheet Set is durably made with thick plush material for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Full XL Sheets that are addictive in comfort
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