Coma Inducer® - California King Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Ocean Depths Teal

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Inspired by what we all crave... Comfort! To be comfortable is to be at peace. To be able to say "Me Sooo Comfy®" is to be able to truly lose yourself in our coziest coral fleece bedding. There is no substitution for comfort! Me Sooo Comfy® makes you want to cuddle up and stay home. When your friends are heading out on a Friday night and ask you to come, just text them back and say "Can't Make it..... Me Sooo Comfy." They'll understand!

These teal coral fleece California King sheets are only for true Coma Inducer® addicts! If you love the irresistibly soft feel of our entire line of Coma Inducer® comforters and wish you could be covered head to toe, front to back, with the cuddly feel of our luxury bedding essentials, then this ultra comfy California King sheet set might be for you. Made with our signature Me Sooo Comfy® bedding material, these jewel tone California King fleece sheets are the perfect extra warm sheet set for your California King size mattress. With a medium-high fabric pile, you may think we accidentally sent out a thick blanket set instead of sheets. But once you add the teal blue fleece fitted sheet in Cali King to your bed, top it with the included blue California King flat sheet, and add the two matching fleece pillow cases to your King pillows, you’ll realize that this is just the thickest, comfiest sheet set in California King that you have ever used!

When you have a California King mattress, finding cozy bedding essentials like these warm California King sheets is nice, however with your unique mattress size you may be concerned about the fit as well. Thankfully, it is our mission at Byourbed to create high quality bedding at the right size that actually fits your bed, especially when it comes to large bed sizes like Super King, California King, Wyoming King, and even Alaskan King size beds! With a 15” deep pocket California King fitted sheet, this designer sheet set will fit over your pillow top California King mattress, while the extra large Cali King top sheet drapes over every inch of your bed. And even though this must-have oversized Cali King sheet set is technically designed to go underneath your California King comforter set, in an eye-catching teal blue color scheme, you will be greeted by this beautiful California King bedding set every time you wind down for the evening. If you care about having decorative bedding essentials that are actually cozy and actually fit your California King mattress, look no further than the Coma Inducer® - California King Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Ocean Depths Teal.

Coma Inducer® - California King Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Ocean Depths Teal

  • Size: California King Bedding Sheets
  • Material: Luxury Plush - Coral Fleece
  • Construction: Each piece in the Cali King Sheet Set is durably made with thick plush material for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Cali King Sheets that are addictive in comfort
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