Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter

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Inspired by the cuddly looking, yet fierce Black Bear. This wild flowing black fur Coma Inducer® is as untamed as it looks and provides the warmth necessary to brave cold winter nights or your partner's obsession with air conditioning. Made to provide hibernation type sleep, this Black Bear, ultra thick 900 GSM Coma Inducer® is coupled with our Bare Bottom® silky plush material on the underside to create a unique and irresistibly amazing night's sleep. Combining the thick bear-like faux fur with smooth, buttery-like Bare Bottom® makes for a ridiculous comforter.

When done right, black King bedding can be the perfect addition to your stylish bedroom decor. Black is a great color to choose when you want to match the style of your bedroom decor with your essential King bedding. But if you want to have your King sized bed as a focal point in your bedroom, it might blend in a little too much with your bedroom decor if you go with a black King comforter. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for adding a black King comforter to your King bed that won't get lost in the background of your bedroom. Our Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter adds the stylish look of black King XL bedding to your bedroom decor with a stylish twist! The long, plush fibers that make up the front side of this oversized black King comforter will add one of a kind style to your essential King bedding decor. Best of all, the cozy look of this oversized King comforter isn't just for show as it is truly made to keep you warm and cozy, night after night!

Borrowing from our Coma Inducer® and Bare Bottom bedding, this plush XL King comforter is top of the line with it comes to luxuriously cozy King bedding. The unique plush front of this extra large King comforter will add a comfortable touch to your cozy King XL bedding, while the reverse side adds a whole new level of comfort to your King bed. With the same super soft touch that makes our Bare Bottom bedding so amazing, the spandex infused microfiber reverse side of this plush King extra large comforter will feel extremely comfy against your bare skin. There is a reason why we advise sleeping naked with our Bare Bottom bedding, and you can experience that insane softness and cozy plush comfort all at once with this must have oversized King comforter!

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Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter

  • Size: King Bedding Comforter - Oversized King XL
  • Material: Wild flowing black Faux Fur, reversing to silky soft Bare Bottom® material
  • Construction: Thick 280 GSM Down Alternative Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick King Comforter that is addictive in comfort
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Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter
Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter
Black Bear - Coma Inducer® King Comforter

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