Rose Quartz Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack)

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If you love all things pink, and want to decorate your bedroom accordingly, we have the perfect pack of standard shams for you! Adding a pretty pink accent to your bedroom decor, our Rose Quartz Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack) is the perfect way to beautify your bedroom. This 2-pack of pink standard pillow shams will be the perfect addition to your Twin, Full, or Queen bedding decor, and not just because of their gorgeous color. Decorated with an elegant pin tuck design, these standard sized pillow shams will look stunning at the head of your Twin, XL Twin, Full, Full extra large, or Queen size bed. Created to match our oversized Rose Quartz Pin Tuck Comforters and Duvet Covers, these pink standard shams will look great in any bedroom!

And not only are these one of a kind standard pillow shams designed to match the style of those extra large comforters but they are also made to reflect the soft comfort that they add to your Twin, extra long Twin, Full, extra large Full, or Queen size bed. These 100% microfiber standard size shams will encase your standard pillow in soft comfort that will complete the coziness of the rest of your soft XL Twin, XL Full, or XL Queen bedding. Such cozy comfort and unique style will help turn your Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, or Queen size bed into a luxurious piece of bedroom furniture. These standard size shams are also easily machine washable, so you can keep on enjoying their beautiful style and soft microfiber comfort.

Rose Quartz Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack)

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