Jet Stream Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack)

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Resting your head on your standard size pillow at the end of the day should make you feel cozy and relaxed. But if your standard pillow sham doesn't cut it when it comes to comfort, laying down may not be as comfy as you would like it to be. But do you really have to shell out a ton of money to enjoy the soft touch of luxurious Twin, Full, or Queen bedding? With our Jet Stream Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack), you get to enjoy the benefits of luxurious Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding at a reasonable cost. At Byourbed, we believe in Luxury for Less, which is why this 2-pack of standard shams can be yours at an inexpensive cost. Low on cost, but high on comfort, these machine washable microfiber shams will provide you with a soft place to lay your head on at night when you are snuggled up on your cozy Twin, extra long Twin, Full, extra large Full, or Queen size bed.

And besides soft comfort, these creamy off-white standard shams will also add to the style of your Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding decor. Boasting an easy to match color, these off-white standard sized shams will help you to easily match up the look of your stylish Twin, Full, or Queen bedding with the rest of your bedroom. But, designed with a beautiful pin tuck pattern, these gorgeous standard pillow shams will still radiate enough style to help them stand out amongst the rest of your bedroom decor. A pretty pin tuck pattern on your Twin, Full, or Queen bedding can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bedroom decor, and that is exactly what these pin tuck standard shams will do!

Jet Stream Pin Tuck Standard Sham (2-Pack)

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