Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Black

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Inspired by snoring at a level that gets you kicked, punched, and pushed off of the bed by your partner. Snorze® represents the act of snoring at levels that begs the question "Are you okay?" or "You sound like you can't breathe". Now, the only way to achieve sleep that feels so good that you forget to breathe is by sleeping with a comforter that's on a different level. Enter, Snorze® Cloud Sheets, a Coma Inducer® bedding essential made of intensely soft material that transforms your bed into a dreamlike place full of snores. Usable all year round, but ideal for summer and warm sleepers.

Warning: May cause deep sleep and intensely loud snores. To avoid pillow suffocation by your partner, kindly provide them with the included ear plugs. Good sleep was never so dangerous!

When shopping for a new set of Twin XL, Queen, or King designer sheets, it can be a challenge to find a Twin XL, Queen, or King deep pocket sheet set that is within your budget. In a perfect world, no expense should be spared when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep! However, at Byourbed we believe that even our customers who are on a budget deserve the deeply restful Coma Worthy Sleep® that is only possible with ultra comfortable bedding. That is why we carry luxury sheet sets at a range of prices, from over $100 to under $50, so you can find a Twin XL, Queen, or King high end sheet set that meets your expectations and won’t break the bank! Enjoy luxury for less and upgrade your Twin XL, Queen, or King bedding today with our Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Black.

While Byourbed operates under a “Luxury for Less” model, don’t get confused–we do not cut any corners when it comes to high quality sheets! In fact, as a part of our Coma Inducer® designer bedding brand, you can rest easy knowing that these Twin XL, Queen, or King black sheets are approved by our bedding experts to meet or exceed our standards for high quality bedding. Crafted with silky microfiber, these softer-than-cotton Twin XL, Queen, or King bed sheets will cover every inch of your mattress in irresistibly comfortable Coma Inducing bedding. This complete Twin XL, Queen, or King black sheet set includes a deep pocket fitted sheet, oversized flat sheet, and matching black pillow case(s), with everything you need to transform your bed and get better sleep, all at a low price!
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