Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Twin XL in Black

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At Byourbed, our goal is always to exceed your expectations when it comes to soft Twin XL bedding. One way we do that is by taking traditional bedding materials like microfiber, and challenging our bedding experts to make something truly special. This is the story of how our Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Twin XL in Black came to be! Basic microfiber Twin XL sheets from other bedding brands are nothing exciting, and really cheap microfiber bedding may have a stiff, plasticky feel that is anything but comfortable. However, this luxury microfiber Twin XL bedding sheet set will change everything you thought you knew about microfiber sheets!

You can discover just how soft, supple, and even silky a set of extra long Twin microfiber sheets can actually feel with this designer Twin XL sheet set. Of course, it is not just the soft material that makes this Twin extra long sheet set a must-have addition to your bedroom essentials. As a part of our Coma Inducer® exclusive bedding brand, you can trust that these black Twin XL bed sheets are both ultra comfortable, and are made with a high quality construction to properly fit your extra long Twin bed. With a deep pocket Twin XL fitted sheet, an oversized Twin XL flat sheet, and an included matching pillowcase, these luxury Twin XL sheets will encase every inch of your Twin XL mattress in silky softness.
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