Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Queen in White

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There’s nothing more luxurious than pure silk Queen sheets. But believe it or not, there are a few drawbacks to silk Queen bedding. Firstly, pure silk sheets are very expensive, with high quality silk sheet sets running into the hundreds of dollars. Even if the cost is of no concern, there’s something just a little gross when you think about where silk comes from. Thousands of silk worms are boiled in their cocoons until all of their raw silk is extracted, which is then twisted and spun into thread, and then turned into your sheets. If the idea of sleeping on thousands of silk worm guts does not sound appealing to you, we would recommend a synthetic alternative to silk.

Our Snorze® Cloud Sheet Set - Coma Inducer® Peach Soft Microfiber - Queen in White has a smooth silky feel, at an affordable price, and with none of the worms. This deep pocket Queen sheet set is an excellent choice for enjoying luxury Queen bedding on a budget! These high quality Queen sheets under $50 are a must-have for anyone who is searching for silky soft Queen sheets without breaking the bank. And constructed with our plush Peachskin microfiber, this white sheet set in Queen may be even softer than silk! Smooth microfiber uses threads that are even smaller and thinner than silk, with a dense weave for the ultimate softness.
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