Southern Alps Textured Standard Sham (2-Pack)

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While the name of this standard sham set might invoke thoughts of cold weather and snowy conditions, adding it to your Twin, Full, or Queen bedding essentials will help you feel warm and cozy. Made with thick and soft cotton, our Southern Alps Textured Standard Sham (2-Pack) will increase the comfort of your cozy Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding. The high quality comfort that these standard pillow shams will add to your Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, or Queen size bed will bring you one step closer to luxury Twin, Full, or Queen bedding. And while these essential standard sized pillow shams work to complete the comfort of your soft XL Twin, XL Full, or XL Queen bedding, their unique style will also have a positive impact on your bedroom decor.

Designed with easy to match colors, this standard sham 2-pack will help you to blend your Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding with the rest of your bedroom decor. But with a truly unique design, you never have to worry about these unique standard shams getting lost in the background of your bedroom. The soft furry sections on these standard shams will make your Twin, Full, or Queen bedding look extra cozy while also creating an eccentric yet stylish appearance. Combined with the other textured accents, every inch of these standard sized shams radiate style that will transform the look of your entire bedroom, making them a truly impactful part of your bedroom decor.

Southern Alps Textured Standard Sham (2-Pack)

  • Size: Standard/Queen Bedding Sham
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Thick, super soft Cotton for luxurious comfort
  • Important Information: Matches Southern Alps Textured Comforter & Duvet to complete your decor and bedding set
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