Terra é Pais - Stonewash 100% Cotton Twin XL Sheet Set - White

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Sure, you can get regular Twin XL sheets for your extra large Twin bed, but why not treat yourself to a little something better? If you love the breathability of cotton XL Twin sheets, you can get even cozier on your Twin XL sized bed with our Terra é Pais - 100% Cotton Twin XL Stonewash Sheet Set - White. This machine washable sheet set is made with super soft cotton with a 200 thread count that will add ultra cozy comfort to your Twin XL bedding essentials. Not only are these Twin XL cotton sheets breathable and soft, but you can also feel the quality through the comfort that they will add to your bedroom.

This XL Twin sheet set includes an extra large Twin flat sheet, true Twin XL sized fitted sheet, and a standard pillowcase, all made with this insanely comfortable cotton bedding material. And, since this cotton material is easy to wash, your white Twin XL sheets can always look bright and clean! With these Portugal made Twin extra large sheet set, you'll be able to easily match your Twin XL sheets with the rest of your oversized Twin bedding pieces. There is nothing flashy about these white extra large Twin sheets, but the classic and crisp style will look perfect with your Twin oversized bedspread. And with a white Twin XL sheet set, your extra large Twin bedding essentials will easily match your bedroom decor and bedroom furniture!

Terra é Pais - 100% Cotton Twin XL Stonewash Sheet Set - White

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding
  • Material: Finest Quality 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Solid White 200TC Cotton Sheet Set
  • Important Information: Beautiful Bedding designed and made in Portugal
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