Terra é Pais - Marooned Earth Throw Blanket - Marron

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Does your bedroom or living room need a little extra style to complete your home decor? If you just need a little more style in your room, but don't have much space, we have the perfect solution! A Twin XL sized throw blanket can add an extra pop of color and style to any room, and it won't take up any unnecessary space. If you are looking for a neutral bedroom decor or room decor piece, you might like the look of our Terra é Pais - Marooned Earth Throw Blanket - Marron. Made in Portugal, this machine washable throw blanket was designed with eye-catching style that will blend perfectly with any decor color scheme.

The base of this 100% cotton throw blanket is a neutral tan color that is broken up with a checkered design of unique grayish brown patterns. The use of neutral colors will guarantee that this XL Twin blanket will match your furniture, decor, and other extra large Twin bedding, but the stylish pattern will have a positive impact on the overall appearance of the room you place it in. And, since this textured Twin XL throw blanket is made with high quality cotton, you can always use it when you need another layer of comfort!

Terra é Pais - Marooned Earth Throw Blanket - Marron

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Blanket
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Textured Throw Blanket - Made in Portugal
  • Important Information: A beautiful soft neutral color to accent your room decor
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