Terra é Pais - Textured Throw Blanket - Forest Black

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Our Terra é Pais collection was created to not only increase the comfort of your home, but to also transform your home and bedroom decor into something that inspires relaxation and reflection. One of the best ways to unwind and help put your mind at ease is taking a stroll through the forest, and that is what we tried to recreate with our Terra é Pais - Textured Throw Blanket - Forest Black. Designed with a dark, dark green color, this one-of-a-kind textured throw blanket will make you feel like you are lost in the middle of a serene forest, even though you are safely at home! This unique black green color will also add a different element of style to your bedroom decor, which will help make your bedroom even more stylish.

Not sure it this textured green blanket will fit with your bedroom decor? It is also designed to go on your other furniture pieces to bring any room of your house to life. The unique textured design on this machine washable Twin XL quilt will also pop when you place it on your Twin or extra large Twin bed or on your living room sofa! And, since this 100% cotton Twin XL textured throw blanket is made in Portugal, it is crafted with the best bedding materials around. Durable yet soft and lightweight, this high quality throw blanket can be used anywhere in your home. This black green textured throw is easy to wash and take care of, thanks to being made with machine washable bedding materials.

Terra é Pais - Textured Throw Blanket - Forest Black

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Blanket
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Textured Throw Blanket - Made in Portugal
  • Important Information: A beautiful soft neutral green color to accent your room decor
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Unique Room Decor or Bedroom Decor Cotton Throw Blanket with One of a Kind Textured Design
European Made 100% Cotton Twin XL Blanket
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