Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Black

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Inspired by untamed coziness that is so soft and plush that it begs the question "Are You Kidding?" Seriously... you wrap yourself up and you know a comfort level this high makes you think it can't be real. It must be a dream. No bedding can feel this good, right? Or can it? With long silk-like, luxurious fibers that seemingly engulf your skin in a cradle of comfort, you just know that you've found the very best with "Are You Kidding®" Comforters. This particular Are You Kidding® bedding is turbocharged with comfort by the reverse side being made with Byourbed's luxury Bare Bottom® material. A fabric that can only be explained by imagining yourself bundled in a stick of creamy, cozy soft butter. This insanely cozy combination of plush creates our most versatile Coma Inducer® - the aptly named Are You Kidding Bare.

At Byourbed, it is our mission to cover every bed in luxury oversized bedding! Other designer bedding brands may only focus on Queen and King size comforters, but we believe in equal opportunity coziness. That means we carry a huge selection of oversized Twin XL bedspreads perfect for kids, teens, or adults who are perfectly content with their Twin or Twin XL size mattress, but still want to indulge in a high quality Twin oversized comforter. And if you really want to treat yourself, we don’t hesitate to recommend the Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Black! This high quality comforter in Twin XL size is the perfect choice to upgrade your Twin extra large bedding, so you can indulge in Coma Worthy Sleep® all night long.

At just one look, you can tell that this oversized Twin XL bedding essential is a cut above the basic bedding that you may be used to. Featuring a front of silky soft plush, you won’t be able to resist running your hands all over this extra large Twin comforter! And with our signature Bare Bottom® fabric on the reverse, this Twin XL oversized comforter embodies everything that makes Coma Inducer® bedding special. Of course, Coma Inducer® luxury bedding is also known for its oversized comforter dimensions and extra thick inner filling. Thankfully, this extra large Twin bedspread includes both! With extra large comforter dimensions and high quality bedding materials inside and out, you can’t go wrong with this oversized Twin XL comforter.

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Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter - Black
Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter - Black
Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter - Black

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