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Inspired by the combination of our silky soft bamboo material and our ultra cozy Better Than Butter Coma Inducer®. Call it a collab! Built for warmer sleepers and summer months, our Bamboo Butter is ultra soft, like what you'd expect from a Coma Inducer®, yet it's also lighter weight which provides that more cooling comfort. It's hard for us to not play matchmaker when we have two great materials and can imagine the insanely comfortable outcome of combining them. Our silky soft bamboo material is present in some of our Snorze® Brand Cloud Comforters and we thought about the name 'Snoring Butter'. Luckily, for this name we got straight to the point, no snoring sticks of butter here! Bamboo Butter is certainly going to make the list for best summer comforters for years to come!

If you stay on top of the latest trends in extra large King bedding, you are probably familiar with the popularity of oversized King bamboo comforters. Using natural bamboo bedding material is a great way to stay cool at night, which means that extra large King bamboo bedding is a must-have for hot sleepers. Plus, high quality bamboo fabric has a silky smooth handfeel that will go a long way towards making your King size bed a little more comfortable! But our goal is to make our oversized King bedding more than just a “little” comfortable. That is why we took trendy bamboo King extra large bedding and gave it an upgrade! Featuring our signature Better Than Butter material on one side, our Bamboo Butter - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Cooling Comforter - Nashville Nights is sure to exceed your expectations for comfortable King XL bedding.

Of course, when shopping for King oversized bedding online, you may also be concerned regarding the size of your new King extra large comforter. Especially if you have a California King mattress, or an extra thick pillow top King bed, it can be a challenge to find oversized King comforters that properly fit your massive mattress. Thankfully, our Coma Inducer® exclusive bedding brand is famous for our extra large King comforter sets, and this King XL bedspread is no exception! With added length and width on every side, this oversized King bamboo bedding set will cover every inch of your King or California King bed. And thanks to included matching King size bamboo pillow shams, even your pillows will be silky soft to the touch! Enjoy Coma Worthy Sleep® and stay cool all year long with this extra large King bamboo comforter set.
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