DG OG Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Steel Gray

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Inspired by the Godfather of bedding. Behind every great brand there lies inspirational mentors that cannot be denied their due respect. The DG OG Coma Inducer® pays respect to one such mentor that gave us the inspiration to create a whole new level of bedding that no one else dared to attempt. Like any real Godfather, the full name is a secret, but I can assure you this bedding savant has been instrumental to the mentality that anything is possible in the bedding world. At Coma Inducer®, we must admit that even a bedding Godfather can succumb to the feeling that creating the Coma Inducer® is impossible. It's not easy taking the thickest, coziest, best of the best materials and working them into submission with the finest of USA filled down alternative materials. Some people describe such production as a battle while others secretly weep as they wonder and exclaim "It's Not Worth It!!". If you think we are using hyperbole, then you'd have to read our company emails begging our USA factory partner to not give up! In life, how do you know you are on the right track? When something is crazy easy or when it's so difficult you question your sanity? The DG OG has crossed those lines into being such a special, oversized plush comforter that its future production literally hangs in the balance. It's not easy to fill, stitch, and sew two of the best of Coma Inducer® materials together (450 GSM Chunky Bunny + 330 GSM Original Plush) along with managing the USA Filled high quality down alternative filling. It's so challenging that we are certain that the DG OG Coma Inducer® will undoubtedly become your favorite oversized comforter of all time. To anyone lucky enough to experience our DG OG Coma Inducer®, you get it. To those that missed the opportunity, we send you a sincere apology, because you missed a real good one.

It can be a challenge to find USA filled King XL bedding with the cozy bedding materials you crave. Sure, there are American finished King oversized comforters made with cotton, linen, and even velvet… but where are all the warm faux fur and shaggy plush King extra large bedding sets that you really crave? At Coma Inducer®, we are happy to fill in the gaps! Our DG OG Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Steel Gray features our fan favorite Chunky Bunny® faux fur, our best selling Coma Inducer® plush, and a thick USA made down alternative filling, for the perfect combination of irresistible coziness and American quality manufacturing. This extra large King comforter set is sure to exceed your expectations for high quality King bedding!

Unfortunately, it can also be a challenge to find cozy faux fur King oversized bedding that is cool enough to use in all seasons. Thankfully, we worked directly with our Ohio-based factory to develop two filling levels, so you can choose between a lightweight or heavyweight American made filling for this extra large King faux fur bedding set. And with our signature oversized King bedding dimensions, this faux fur King extra large comforter will drape over every inch of even the thickest King or California King pillow top mattress. Included matching dark gray faux fur pillow shams complete this extra large King bedding set, so you can be covered in Coma Inducing coziness from head to toe.
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DG OG Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Steel Gray
DG OG Chunky Bunny - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - USA Filled - Steel Gray

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