Lagotto Romagnolo - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter

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Inspired by our love of man's best friend. Who can resist snuggling up with their cute, cuddly, lovable dog at the end of a long day? Especially when your dog is in that super tired mode where they are almost like a breathing stuffed animal... yeah, that mode where you can lift a paw and it just flops down. It's the type of tiredness where you know you can do anything and they'll let you. That's the best. Coma Inducer® has taken our love for dogs to the next level with our Lagotto Romagnolo Coma Inducer®. Fully designed to bring the look and feel of a Lagotto Romagnolo to the comforts of your bed. Now, if you already have a real Lagotto Romagnolo, your dog might be confused as it tries to figure out how this comforter could be its twin. The warm, thick and cozy plush consists of 475 GSM of Lagotto Romagnolo-like coat to elevate your bed to doggy heaven status. The furry top is paired with a smooth plush that can best be described as petting your dog's tummy as you fall into Coma Worthy Sleep®. Did we go overboard... sure, that's what we do at Coma Inducer®. Everything oversized, over-plush and over-authentic, right down to the color tones chosen to match the certain coloring of the cute Lagotto Romagnolo.

After scrolling through our collection of unique King XL bedding, it’s easy to see that Coma Inducer® bedding takes inspiration from anywhere and everywhere! We search far and wide for new inspirations for our designer King oversized comforters, but we realized that one of the best muses for our luxury bedding is right at home: man’s best friend. Of course, we couldn’t stick with all the boring, basic dog breeds for our dog inspired King extra large bedding collection. Hence the inclusion of some designer dog breeds, like the Lagotto Romagnolo! With a beautiful golden brown color and with a delightfully curly coat, it’s no wonder that our Lagotto Romagnolo - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter is such a stunning addition to your bedroom decor.

But it isn’t just the eye-catching style that makes this extra large King bedding set such a good addition to your bedroom setup. Made with high quality bedding materials inside and out, this oversized King bedspread set embodies everything that makes Coma Induce® bedding stand out from the other basic bedding brands out there. This extra large King comforter set even features our signature Cozy Moody plush material on the reverse, a uniquely soft fabric that may tempt you to cancel plans and stay in for the night, just so you can get some extra cuddling time underneath this irresistibly plush King XL comforter. And thanks to a thicker than average inner fill and our signature King oversized comforter dimensions, there’s plenty of coziness to go around!
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Lagotto Romagnolo - Coma Inducer Oversized King Comforter
Lagotto Romagnolo - Coma Inducer Oversized King Comforter

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