Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Teddy Bear Brown

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Inspired by men who are comfortable enough with their feelings to say things like, "I really love my cozy Coma Inducer" or "I can't wait to get snuggled up in my bed tonight" or "All I really need is to hug my teddy bear soft comforter and read a good book". Now that's a Man Crush!! Sure, it's not for another male friend, but it's the same inspiration to openly love something men can't or won't say they typically love. Our Man Crush Coma Inducer® makes it normal and celebrated to love your oversized, cozy, most comfortable bedding comforter in the world! Heck, you may find that you whisper to your Coma Inducer®, "I love you". It's a real possibility once you feel the overly plush 415 GSM and Teddy Bear fleece combination of our Man Crush Coma Inducer®. Just go with it... be secure in the fact that you can openly be "Cozy"!

Finding high quality bedding for men can be a challenge. Thankfully, at Byourbed we carry a range of designer bedding styles in Queen and King that can match any bedroom decor! Our Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Teddy Bear Brown is an excellent choice for any neutral bedroom decor, thanks to its cool brown color tone. Brown Queen and King oversized bedding is a great option for any women’s, men’s, or couple’s bedroom! This super Queen or King extra large comforter set easily matches any style of bedroom design, and two included matching pillow shams make coordinating your other bedding accessories a no-brainer. More importantly than a casual bedroom style, this oversized Queen or King XL comforter set is also sure to exceed expectations when it comes to coziness.

For some reason, it seems like comfort is the last thing that other bedding companies consider when it comes to guys’ bedding. But we know that even men like to be cozy! Unfortunately, sometimes super furry, fluffy comforters can be more on the feminine side. That is why this Queen or King oversized comforter set is crafted with dense 415 GSM high quality faux fur, for a modern and mature look that is still irresistibly soft. And stuffed with a thicker than average inner fill, this faux fur Queen or King extra large bedspread set embodies everything we hope to offer when it comes to Queen or King luxury bedding. With such soft materials, trendy neutral colors, and oversized comforter dimensions, any man or woman is sure to instantly fall head over heels for this must-have Queen or King extra large bedding set!
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True Oversized Queen or King Coma Inducer Bedding Blanket
Brown Plush Queen or King Extra Large Comforter

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