Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Teddy Bear Brown

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Inspired by men who are comfortable enough with their feelings to say things like, "I really love my cozy Coma Inducer" or "I can't wait to get snuggled up in my bed tonight" or "All I really need is to hug my teddy bear soft comforter and read a good book". Now that's a Man Crush!! Sure, it's not for another male friend, but it's the same inspiration to openly love something men can't or won't say they typically love. Our Man Crush Coma Inducer® makes it normal and celebrated to love your oversized, cozy, most comfortable bedding comforter in the world! Heck, you may find that you whisper to your Coma Inducer®, "I love you". It's a real possibility once you feel the overly plush 415 GSM and Teddy Bear fleece combination of our Man Crush Coma Inducer®. Just go with it... be secure in the fact that you can openly be "Cozy"!

“Man Crush” also has another meaning, however. This extra large King comforter set is so thick and heavy, you may feel “crushed” (in a good way!) by its cozy plushness. Weighing over 20 lbs, this super King faux fur comforter set may require some serious manly strength to make your bed in the morning! But with our signature oversized King bedding dimensions adding extra length and extra width to this King XL comforter set, it should not be surprising that this heavy King oversized bedspread packs a punch in terms of size, weight, and softness. And with a thicker than average inner fill adding even more heaviness to this warm King extra large comforter set, even the manliest of men will be comfortable enough to let his guard down a little and enjoy the cozy things in life.

It isn’t just the massive size or the extra thick and fluffy fill that makes our Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Teddy Bear Brown a must-have King bedding set. In fact, the first thing you’ll notice after unboxing this King extra large bedspread is the soft faux fur covering the front. Cheap faux fur bedding can feel stiff and scratchy, but this 415 GSM high quality faux fur comforter in King XL size is irresistibly silky soft to the touch. Plush teddy bear fleece on the reverse adds even more comfort to this already addictively cozy King oversized comforter set. And thanks to two included matching taupe brown King pillow shams, you will have an equally soft place to rest your head. Completely surrounded by luxuriously plush King extra large designer bedding, no matter how tough you are, you won’t be able to help but relax and experience Coma Worthy Sleep®.
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