Now You're Cookin' - Coma Inducer® Comforter - White Clay (Kiln Oven)

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Inspired by warmth. We all crave warmth. The thought of climbing into a warmed up oven-like bed on a cold winter's night is the inspiration for our Now You're Cookin' Coma Inducer®. Baking in a white clay Kiln oven might be a little overboard, but just think how dreamy it sounds when that warmth is coming from your oversized comforter. You know, that type of warmth that you can feel in your bones, that's what we seek to accomplish with our Now You're Cookin' Coma Inducer®. Made with a short, warming, double sided 230 GSM plush and a thick 280 GSM fill, you'll be able to turn your bed into your own personal oven. It won't be long before you reach that perfect sleeping temperature and experience Coma Worthy Sleep®.

The size of your Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL bedding pieces does matter when it comes to creating the perfect sleeping space. If your oversized Twin, Queen, or King comforter doesn't fully cover your mattress, it can really mess with the comfort level of your bedding essentials. Thanks to the oversized bedding dimensions of this extra large Twin, Queen, or King comforter, you don't need to worry about missing out when it comes to luxurious bedding comfort. Combine the extended bedding dimensions of our Now You're Cookin' - Coma Inducer® Comforter - White Clay (Kiln Oven) with the comfort of its plush bedding materials and you'll feel like you may actually be in a kiln oven....sort of.

A kiln oven would surround you with warmth, which is what you'll experience with this oversized comforter. However, the comforting warmth you'll experience when wrapped up in this XL Twin, XL Queen, or XL King plush comforter would be more manageable than the overwhelming heat of a kiln. Plus, this machine washable Twin, Queen, or King oversized comforter set is also a lot softer than a kiln oven would be. The plush bedding materials that make up this Twin, Queen, or King extra large comforter and the matching standard or King pillow shams just adds to the luxurious comfort that this neutral colored bedding set brings to your Twin XL, Queen, or King sized bed.
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Cream Off White XL Twin, XL Queen, or XL King Comforter Made with Warm and Cozy Bedding Materials
Extra Long and Extra Wide Twin, Queen, or King Coma Inducer Luxury Brand Bedding
Machine Washable Off-White Bedding True Oversized Twin, Queen, or King Plush Comforter

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