Now You're Cookin' - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - White Clay (Kiln Oven)

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Inspired by warmth. We all crave warmth. The thought of climbing into a warmed up oven-like bed on a cold winter's night is the inspiration for our Now You're Cookin' Coma Inducer®. Baking in a white clay Kiln oven might be a little overboard, but just think how dreamy it sounds when that warmth is coming from your oversized comforter. You know, that type of warmth that you can feel in your bones, that's what we seek to accomplish with our Now You're Cookin' Coma Inducer®. Made with a short, warming, double sided 230 GSM plush and a thick 280 GSM fill, you'll be able to turn your bed into your own personal oven. It won't be long before you reach that perfect sleeping temperature and experience Coma Worthy Sleep®.

Do you know how hot a clay kiln actually gets? Take a guess. 500º? 1000º? Not even close–most commercial pottery kilns reach temperatures well over 2000º! Thankfully, while our Now You're Cookin' - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - White Clay (Kiln Oven) is certainly warm and cozy, you won’t actually reach 2000º degrees while you’re snuggled up under this oversized Queen comforter. In fact, if we did make a comforter that was capable of superheated temperatures we would probably not remain in business for very long. That being said, this extra large Queen bedding set is certainly capable of making you feel like a little clay pot nestled in the cozy embrace of a kiln oven, thanks to the soothing warmth it provides across the entire stretch of your Queen, Super Queen, or Olympic Queen mattress.

Constructed with ultra cozy bedding materials inside and out, everything about this Queen XL designer comforter is crafted to provide you with the ultimate in high quality Queen bedding. Velour-soft 230GSM microplush covers both sides of this extra large Queen beige comforter set, for an addictively cuddly feel that is simply irresistible. And stuffed with a thicker than average 280GSM pillowy inner fill, this oversized Queen bedding set provides a comforting weight that is sure to keep you nice and warm, no matter how cold it is outside. Better yet, thanks to true extra large Queen comforter dimensions plus included matching velvety pillow shams, every inch of your bed will be fully covered in this luxury Queen oversized bedding set from our online bedding brand.

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