Sorry Not Sorry Again - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Cloud Gray

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Inspired by a good remix. Because who doesn't like a good remix?! Take something great like our Sorry Not Sorry Coma Inducer® and do it "again" - only better!! When you apologize to someone once, it's for a mistake, but when you do it 'again' it's for something intentional! Our Sorry Not Sorry Again Coma Inducer® is 100% intentional. This oversized plush comforter is intentionally amazing and sarcastically apologetic. You might feel sorry for a friend that doesn't have a Coma Inducer® like you do... but then when you think about it again you realize you aren't sorry. Now picture doing that again and again. It doesn't make you a bad person, it's just that you understand the joy of having the coziest comforter, even if your friend doesn't have one. Our Sorry Not Sorry Again Coma Inducer® takes our thickest Chunky Bunny® plush material and combines it with textured ripples to make your bedding pleasing to the eye as well as comfortable. This intensely soft front side reverses to a silky smooth faux mink. This combination of cozy materials keeps you snuggled, warm, and, for a brief moment, "sorry" for others that aren't able to experience this heavenly bedding. That brief feeling of guilt won't last long, as you'll realize you're "Not Sorry... Again" and that you deserve every second of the plush luxury that our Sorry Not Sorry Again Coma Inducer® provides.

Sometimes at Byourbed, we do receive the feedback that our oversized Queen bedding is just too soft. That our extra large Queen comforters are too oversized. That our Queen XL bedspreads are too cozy. All we can say is… Sorry, Not Sorry! Our mission is to provide the softest, biggest, coziest Queen oversized comforters, and we feel a twinge of pride whenever someone tells us that our Queen extra large bedding is just too snuggleable. Our Sorry Not Sorry Again - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Cloud Gray doubles down on everything that makes our Coma Inducer® luxury bedding brand so popular, with high quality bedding materials, extended Queen bedding dimensions, and an unapologetic softness that is sure to exceed your expectations. We will give you a fair warning that this extra large Queen bedding set is ultra cozy… but we won’t apologize for it!

Featuring our fan favorite Chunky Bunny® material on both sides, be prepared to snuggle up with some seriously plush Queen XL bedding. And with silky mink velvet providing a striking visual accent, this Queen oversized bedding set will also make a statement in your contemporary bedroom decor! An overstuffed inner fill provides an irresistible pillowy look, so that this gray Queen extra large comforter set will drape luxuriously across your Queen or Super Queen mattress instead of limply hanging over the sides. And when we say drape, we really mean it, thanks to the true oversized Queen comforter dimensions that make our extra large Queen bedspreads stand out. This oversized faux fur Queen comforter set is complete with two matching ruched pillow shams, covering every inch of your bed in addictive Coma Inducing comfort.

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