Truth Be Told - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Native Metal

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Inspired by the song Truth Be Told. Such a good song! Go listen to it and then come back... our apologies ahead of time if you find the wrong Truth Be Told song, there are a few out there! We'd put the artist's name but you know the world is all so legally minded. Anyway, if you found the correct Truth Be Told song, we hope you enjoyed it and maybe found a little comfort. Our inspiration from this song is based on the truth that life can be quite hard and messy at times. If there is one guarantee that we all share it's that life will have its struggles. No one can escape challenges and difficult seasons, but we can all find support in a loving God that through Christ has never abandoned us. We are freed to acknowledge our personal truths and through faith can come to know that God 'makes it straight with a crooked line'.

Now, you might be thinking what does this have to do with an oversized plush comforter we named Truth Be Told? Fair question! The answer stems from many of our customers contacting us and sharing their life's most difficult stories and how trusting in God's love pulled them through. Often, our customers go on to tell us how our Coma Inducer® comforter provides the physical comfort they need and how their much needed restful sleep has also helped them to overcome life's stressful moments. Of course, we know that, while exceptionally cozy, our comforter pales in comparison to God's comfort, but nevertheless it's those emails from our customers that truly inspire us! And that's how Truth Be Told Coma Inducer® came to be, this thick 560 GSM plush coupled with our Bare Bottom® softly smooth reverse material creates the perfect combination of thick and thin. With ultra cozy Down Alternative filling you'll find a new definition for what you formerly called good sleep, we like to call it 'Coma Worthy Sleep®'. Truth be told, this Coma Inducer® comforter is designed for the gratitude and love we have for our customers.

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Truth Be Told - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Native Metal
Truth Be Told - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Native Metal
Truth Be Told - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Native Metal

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