Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized Comforter - Coyote Gray

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Inspired by Wolf Tracks. What did you expect us to say? :) Some Coma Inducer® names are obvious enough, but that doesn't take away from the inspiration. With the appearance of wolf-like tracks weaving through the snow covered terrain, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is certain to transform your bed into a cozy wilderness-like experience. Wolf Tracks consists of a cozy 320 GSM plush that reverses to our Better Than Butter material that can best be explained as a stretchy, soft to the touch microfiber. This cozy combination provides the ideal amount of warmth, without an extreme heat, making it an ideal all season Coma Inducer®. With such a trendy design and a perfect level of warm and cozy comfort, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is sure to have you howling (sorry, we had to) over how much you love your bedding.

Think of the beauty of freshly fallen snow that hasn't been touched by any living creature. Now think of that same image, but with some footprints zigzagging through that pure white snow. Those footprints don't ruin the beauty of the scene, they add to it. You still have a beautiful neutral color, and the texture of the footprints creates depth, much like the style of our Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized Comforter - Coyote Gray! A wavy texture track travels across the front of this gray Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL comforter, creating an eye-catching design that will make the style of your bedroom décor really pop.

And this machine washable gray Twin, Queen, or King oversized comforter isn't just a decorative bedding piece, it is also designed to add luxurious comfort to your bedding essentials. Combining extra large bedding dimensions with high quality bedding materials, this XL Twin, XL Queen, or XL King plush comforter is all around cozy! With a top side of super soft plush and a reverse side of smoothly soft microfiber fabric, you'll love the feel of this must-have Twin, Queen, or King extra large comforter. And with true extended bedding dimensions, you'll have so much ultra cozy comforter to love.
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Coma Inducer Plush Comforter Oversized for Added Depth Twin, Queen, or King Pillow Top Mattresses
Machine Washable Twin, Queen, or King Extra Large Comforter Made with Ultra Soft Bedding Materials

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