Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized King Comforter - Coyote Gray

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Inspired by Wolf Tracks. What did you expect us to say? :) Some Coma Inducer® names are obvious enough, but that doesn't take away from the inspiration. With the appearance of wolf-like tracks weaving through the snow covered terrain, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is certain to transform your bed into a cozy wilderness-like experience. Wolf Tracks consists of a cozy 320 GSM plush that reverses to our Better Than Butter material that can best be explained as a stretchy, soft to the touch microfiber. This cozy combination provides the ideal amount of warmth, without an extreme heat, making it an ideal all season Coma Inducer®. With such a trendy design and a perfect level of warm and cozy comfort, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is sure to have you howling (sorry, we had to) over how much you love your bedding.

Have you ever seen a set of tracks break up the beauty of freshly fallen snow? Those tracks belong to an amazing creature and they remind us that life is full of beautiful creations. And what better way to honor beautiful creations than with a beautiful King comforter? Our Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized King Comforter - Coyote Gray was designed with that picture of tracks cutting through fresh snow in mind. This gray King oversized comforter has a subtle textured pattern that weaves its way across the front of this extra large King bedding masterpiece. While this impactful enough to create eye-catching style on your King pillow top mattress, we promise this meandering pattern won't negatively impact the comfort of your King bedding essentials.

True to its Coma Inducer® name, this extra large King comforter is so soft and cozy, it will easily help you get a great night's sleep. The top of this machine washable gray comforter is made with a soft plush bedding material that adds warm and cozy comfort to your King bedding set. And, even though it isn't nice and plush like the front side, the reverse side of this oversized King comforter is still plenty soft! Crafted with our Better Than Butter spandex-infused microfiber, the reverse side of this incredibly soft King XL comforter feels so amazingly cozy, you really do have to feel it to believe it. If our mention of freshly fallen snow has left you feeling a little chilly, this extra large plush King comforter is sure to warm you up!
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Luxury Coma Inducer Brand Bedding Machine Washable Gray Comforter for King Pillow Top Mattress
Warm and Cozy Plush and Soft Microfiber XL King Oversized Comforter

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