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Inspired by a pillowy soft, creamy smooth, and indulgent spread of butter. When you think of buttery soft things, it's probably not a given that you think of bedding. But the thought of buttery soft things is exactly what inspired our Better than Butter Coma Inducer®. If butter is soft then 'What's Better than Butter', you ask? It's a material that no written explanation can fully do justice. It's the perfect combination of thick microfiber, stretchy lycra, and soft plush that makes our Better Than Butter brand our ultimate bedding recipe. And, just like the perfect recipe, these elements are just right. Not too thick, not too stretchy, not too plush, not too hot and not too cold. It's a formula that, when touched, made our Coma Inducer® team utter the words... it feels 'Better than Butter'. As the perfectors of all things soft, you'll have to take our word for it that this highly rated Coma Inducer® material is truly fit for the name "Better than Butter"!

Can you believe it’s not butter?!? Yes, it is probably easy to believe that this set of designer bedding is not literally made with America’s favorite dairy product. However, after you touch the silky, supple fabric of our Better Than Butter - Coma Inducer® Sheet Set - Nashville Nights, a part of you may question if butter actually was involved in the process. Our signature Peach Soft Microfiber is expertly blended with stretchable lycra for an irresistibly plush handfeel that makes these luxury bedding sheets buttery soft. And in a huge range of sizes, including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and even Alaskan King, anyone can experience the addictively comfortable embrace of this designer sheet set exclusively from our Coma Inducer® bedding brand.

If you are used to the average cotton, linen, microfiber, or silk bed sheets, you are not prepared for the out-of-this-world softness infused into this Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, or Alaskan King deep pocket sheet set. Imagine your favorite pair of luxury yoga pants, or a huggable squishy stuffed animal, or a huge cloud dipped in melted butter, but transformed into a cuddleable Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, or Alaskan King high quality sheet set. And since each size of this buttery sheet set includes a deep pocket fitted sheet, an oversized flat sheet, and matching pillowcase(s), every inch of even the thickest pillow top mattress will be fully encased in silky bedding goodness. Ditch your basic bedding and make your sheets feel Better Than Butter with this must-have taupe sheet set in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, or Alaskan King!
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Tan Bedding Sheets Made with XL Twin, Full, Queen, King, or Alaskan King Bedding Dimensions
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Softest Sheets for Twin Extra Large, Full, Queen, King, or Alaskan King Sized Beds

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