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Inspired by a pillowy soft, creamy smooth, and indulgent spread of butter. When you think of buttery soft things, it's probably not a given that you think of bedding. But the thought of buttery soft things is exactly what inspired our Better than Butter Coma Inducer®. If butter is soft then 'What's Better than Butter', you ask? It's a material that no written explanation can fully do justice. It's the perfect combination of thick microfiber, stretchy lycra, and soft plush that makes our Better Than Butter brand our ultimate bedding recipe. And, just like the perfect recipe, these elements are just right. Not too thick, not too stretchy, not too plush, not too hot and not too cold. It's a formula that, when touched, made our Coma Inducer® team utter the words... it feels 'Better than Butter'. As the perfectors of all things soft, you'll have to take our word for it that this highly rated Coma Inducer® material is truly fit for the name "Better than Butter"!

There are a number of reasons why you may want to change up your Queen size bed sheets. One, your Queen bedding sheet set has a direct impact on your overall comfort. If your current Queen sheets are scratchy, pilling, too hot, or otherwise not as good as they could be, it is time to upgrade your Queen size sheet set! Another reason why you may need to find new Queen sheets is to match a new style of bedroom decor. If you are changing the look of your Queen size comforter, that can be a signal to also purchase a new set of Queen luxury sheets. No matter why you are seeking out a new set of designer Queen sheets, our Better Than Butter - Coma Inducer® Queen Sheet Set - Nashville Nights may be just what you’re looking for!

If you need a set of soft Queen size sheets to make your Queen bed more comfortable, this set of buttery Queen bed sheets will get the job done. Our bedding experts created a unique blend of soft microfiber and stretchy lycra, creating a unique textural experience to delight your senses. With such a silky Queen sheet set, you may wonder if there really is butter included in the recipe for this set of high quality Queen sheets! And if you are searching for a set of Queen deep pocket sheets to upgrade your bedroom decor, look no further. These neutral Queen sheets feature a trendy taupe-gray color to easily coordinate with your new Queen XL comforter. Elevate your Queen bedding and your bedroom interior design all at once with this irresistibly soft Queen sheet set.
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