Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized Duvet Cover - Teddy Bear Brown

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Inspired by men who are comfortable enough with their feelings to say things like, "I really love my cozy Coma Inducer" or "I can't wait to get snuggled up in my bed tonight" or "All I really need is to hug my teddy bear soft comforter and read a good book". Now that's a Man Crush!! Sure, it's not for another male friend, but it's the same inspiration to openly love something men can't or won't say they typically love. Our Man Crush Coma Inducer® makes it normal and celebrated to love your oversized, cozy, most comfortable bedding duvet cover in the world! Heck, you may find that you whisper to your Coma Inducer®, "I love you". It's a real possibility once you feel the overly plush Teddy Bear fleece of our Man Crush Coma Inducer®. Just go with it... be secure in the fact that you can openly be "Cozy"!

If you are looking for the perfect extra large Queen or King duvet cover set that makes your heart skip a beat, look no further. This oversized Queen or King faux fur duvet cover is crafted for those who are in touch with their love for high quality bedding. At Byourbed, we aren’t afraid to shout from the rooftops just how much we love our cozy Queen or King oversized bedding, and this faux fur extra large duvet cover may make you do the same! Crafted with our signature Teddy Bear plush on both sides, the Man Crush - Coma Inducer® Oversized Duvet Cover - Teddy Bear Brown is sure to have you falling head over heels as soon as it is on your bed.

How did we make such an irresistibly cozy Queen or King oversized duvet cover set? We do have to keep some of our trade secrets to ourselves, but we can tell you that our team of dedicated bedding experts work tirelessly to find the newest, softest bedding materials to constantly push the boundaries of plush. Simply encase your oversized comforter insert in this luxury ​​Queen or King extra large duvet cover to instantly make your Queen or King bedding more comfortable. With this machine washable Queen XL or King XL faux fur duvet cover draped across your mattress, be prepared for a night full of teddy bear worthy snuggles and Coma Worthy Sleep®.
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XL Queen or XL King Plush Comforter Cover with Oversized Bedding Dimensions
Extra Large Queen or King Duvet Cover with Matching Standard or King Pillow Shams

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