Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized Queen Comforter - Coyote Gray

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Inspired by Wolf Tracks. What did you expect us to say? :) Some Coma Inducer® names are obvious enough, but that doesn't take away from the inspiration. With the appearance of wolf-like tracks weaving through the snow covered terrain, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is certain to transform your bed into a cozy wilderness-like experience. Wolf Tracks consists of a cozy 320 GSM plush that reverses to our Better Than Butter material that can best be explained as a stretchy, soft to the touch microfiber. This cozy combination provides the ideal amount of warmth, without an extreme heat, making it an ideal all season Coma Inducer®. With such a trendy design and a perfect level of warm and cozy comfort, our Wolf Tracks Coma Inducer® is sure to have you howling (sorry, we had to) over how much you love your bedding.

Do you feel torn between a Queen comforter that is soft and cozy and one that looks stylish, but is not necessarily as comfortable as you would like? It's a tough decision, so luckily, it isn't one that you have to make! At Byourbed®, we want you to love everything about your Queen bedding, which is why we continue to create new and exciting Coma Inducer® plush comforters. Combining high quality bedding materials with unique styles helps us create one-of-a-kind Queen bedding pieces like our Wolf Tracks - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Oversized Queen Comforter - Coyote Gray. This machine washable gray Queen comforter is big on style and even bigger when it comes to comfort, so there is so much to love about this affordable luxury Queen XL comforter!

One of the best things about this extra large Queen comforter is the fact that it really is EXTRA large. Made with extra length and extra width, this oversized Queen comforter is sure to properly cover your Queen sized bed. Plus, every inch of this extra large Queen comforter is covered with high quality bedding materials. With a cozy plush top side and an insanely soft microfiber reverse side, the over-the-top comfort that this XL Queen comforter adds to your Queen bedding set cannot be denied. And the easy to match yet unique design of this machine washable Queen comforter makes it even better! Gray Queen bedding matches perfectly with just about any bedroom décor or bedroom furniture. And to make sure this gray Queen oversized comforter doesn't get lost amid your bedroom furniture, the unique weaving textured design adds dimensional design that is reminiscent of wolf tracks in freshly fallen snow.
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